Cyrus is an Ancient, a descendant of the Atlanteans who existed on the Material Plane before all others. He arrived on Warsoul with an unknown quest from a creature he says has defied him. He is the current guardian of the twin scythes Redemption.


Cyrus was born on the Subplanet Avia, which is part of the Seven Stars of Terra. He was involved in a war between humanoid creatures and the intelligent nature animals over food due to a cataclysm that killed many creatures and destroyed as much agriculture, resulting in a great famine. During the war, Cyrus' father and mother, went missing during one of the wars many Traitor Hunts. After the war ended, Cyrus moved to the city of Utopia on New Terra, another subplanet, only for Utopia to be annihilated by a demon's wrath less than a year later. Having nowhere else to go, Cyrus traveled to Warsoul, where he met Lyon, a peculiar boy that he'd have a strong friendship with for years to come.

The Factory

The last time Cyrus was ever seen was when he broke into Cloudsdale's Weather Building where he sensed a powerful presence somewhere inside. He, along with his student Ellen, found an arcane door inside the building that led to a place he called 'The Factory'. He gathered allies and raided the factory, killing the workers inside who were ordered to kill the intruders. After the factory was overrun by Cyrus' army, he claimed the factory and everything in it.

Enderia, the Ancients, and the Awakened

The Ancients, as arcane mythology has called them, are humans or humanoid entities born with the power of humanoid creatures said to have existed before all others. These creatures are rumored to be the Endermen. The Ancients can open the door seperating the mundane and the arcane in humanoids, which are then called Awakened. These Awakened gain power similar to the Ancients, but not as much as actual Ancients. Cyrus and his retinue are building a safe haven for both Awakened and Ancients, called Enderia in Volterra.


Cyrus' Retinue is composed of multiple people and others that he has made some kind of mutual relationship with and can benefit from his influence and power.