Ilymia, during her stay with Warriors of Sun

Ilymia Adonis is a fuschia blooded troll and a commander in grado. She can usually be found at the Accadia Docks doing paperwork or helping with ships docked there.

Life before Dreamrealms

Ilymia doesn't talk much about her early life, but it is apparent that she played a game called Sgrub and had a friend named Gralim before dieing and entering the Dreamrealms.

Life in Dreamrealms

Ilymia was originally found operating with a group called Warriors of Sun in Mortalia, before moving to Gradius in awe of its creative ability. She started up the Accadia Docks and continues to work there. During 2013, there was a large zombie attack. She has helped build roads, and is beginning to build walls for a city on earth.