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Peta at her Skydock in Enderoth

Ranger Peta hails from the land of Enderoth, and is a member of Grado and the Rangers of Enderoth.

Early Life

Ranger Peta was born in an unknown year, suposedly before Ponies came to and populated Enderoth. She was born under a tree, which is how she got the name Peta, which means tree in greek. From about ten years old, she was taught the arts of the bow, and stealth, among other things. Later on, when she became a teenager, she worked at a skydock as a guard, and more than once, had to shoot down skeletons, which were a common nuisance there.

Coming to the land of Volterra

Later on in life, when Peta was presumably in her early twenties, a ship docked at the skydock that Peta guarded. She was offered a job on the ship, and decided to take the job. The ship headed for Volterra, but crashed on the coast of an unknown part of volterra. She is a huemongous faggot who survived the crash, and explored volterra, before tracking a Changeling, getting stranded on the canopy of a jungle, and then picked up by Lyon and PaintBrush, who were piloting an airship.

In Malibu

When Lyon's ship that Peta boarded came to malibu, a swarm of Changelings, and a fleet attacked them. The airship sank, but soon after, the enemies surrendered.